I counted 4 ways to say ‘Me.’ How can you know which to use?

Don’t memorize. Use our infographic below to help you understand.

Before that…

Refresh on marking particles

은/는 is the topic marking particle. This emphasizes WHAT you do.

이/가 is the subject marking particle. This emphasizes WHO did it.

Check out this Korean FAQ post to understand marking particles.

Now, onto our infographic:

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Let’s see some sentence examples:

저는 먹었어요

제가 먹었어요

Both means “I ate it.” Depending on the situation, you’ll need to use one of them:

1. If your mum found out her cake was gone and asks “Who ate it?”

You’ll answer 제가 먹었어요.

Subject marker emphasizes WHO did it.

2. If you just came home and your mum asks you “Have you eaten?”

You’ll answer 저는 먹었어요.

Topic marker emphasizes the action (the WHAT).

Now you know how to use 저는 or 제가 correctly.

This is the same for 나는 vs 내가.


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