Let’s look at this sentence:

미치도록 보고싶어

미치 comes from the dictionary form 미치다 (to be crazy).

보고싶어 means ‘miss you.’

The sentence above means:

  • I miss you to the point of crazy.
  • I miss you until crazy


That’s the usage of 도록.

‘Until’ or ‘to the point of’ both means almost the same.

Let’s see a few examples:

예쁘도록 (until pretty…)

예쁘다 + 도록 = 예쁘도록

Remember to drop 다 when joining with another pattern.

배부르도록 (until I’m full…)

배부르다 + 도록 = 배부르도록

힘 없도록 (until I’ve no more energy…)

힘 없다 + 도록 = 힘 없도록

Another pattern to say ‘until’ is ~ㄹ/을때 까지.

You can replace 도록 with this pattern to mean the same thing. 

Try to make a sentence and comment below.

We’ll check if you’ve done it correctly.

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