To learn Korean from fan letter, you first need to be able to read Korean handwriting.

Fan Letter - A word to make me happy
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Try to read the handwriting in the fan letter.

It’s not easy for beginners. Especially when they use cursive and add cuteness in their writing.

Just like how you write ‘y’ with a curly end.

I write ‘y’ with a sharp end.

Last week a Tweeter follower asked me to explain the handwriting in this fan letter.

In the video explanation below, I’ll help you learn Korean from this fan letter. I answer the question why 가 is used here instead of 는.

Also, you’ll be curious with the idol’s answer.

The fan asked her idol:

“Write a word that can make me happy”

And what’s interesting is the answer she gets.

비가 오면

It translates into “If it rains…”

But how does rain makes her happy?

Watch our video explanation here:

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Learn Korean from Kpop Fan Letter – Write a word that makes me happy

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