Korean Alphabet is Easy! Learn It In 10 Minutes


Imagine you’re standing on a street in Korea. LED signboard everywhere. All in Korean alphabets.

Because you have took 10 minutes to learned the Korean alphabets, you can tell which is a BBQ restaurant or a Karaoke. Hey, you could even sing any Korean song if I give you the Korean lyric!

Korean variety shows also became funnier because you can read the text effects.

A whole new world opens up to you.

And it only takes 10 minutes to learn. This will be your most well-spent 10 minutes today.


Product Description

Course materials:

  1. Slide deck
  2. Slide deck (annotated)
  3. 2-page cheat sheet
  4. 4 part video lessons

You’ll want to download the cheat sheet in your phone. Because I don’t want you to memorize.

Refer to the cheat sheet when you try to read new words.

Your brain will slowly develop muscle memory. Soon, you’ll read Korean without the cheat sheet anymore.

Despite the name ‘cheat sheet’, you’re not cheating at all. You’re just cutting down the time to learn Korean.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  1. Why do they call ‘mother sound’ in Korean?
  2. The pronunciation for every Korean alphabets
  3. Practice reading Korean with wordplay, a.k.a. lame jokes.

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