Question: What’s the difference between 예술 and 미술? Both translate as art and I can’t find anything more specific.

Our answer

If you’re talking specifically about drawings, crafts, sculpture… use 미술.

Use 예술 to mean art in general. This includes dancing, music, drawing or architecture.

Let me try to make this clearer for you. Let’s compare…

Art gallery: 미술관 vs. 예술관

If you’re travelling in Korea and thinking of visiting an art gallery/museum, these two are different.

미술관 means art gallery or art museum. When you visit a 미술관, you’ll see paintings or sculptures mainly.

예술관 is also an art gallery, but you’ll see performances, music, dance show, etc.

This is 예술. How to say 'art' in Korean
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This is 예술. Don’t confuse with 미술 in Korean

See the difference?

The Biennale art event in Busan is considered 예술 because it covers a wide range of performances, drawings and architectures.

How do you say ‘artistic’ in Korean?

The correct Korean word is 예술적인.

Even if you’re talking about ‘talented in oil painting,’ you’ll use this word.

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